Conducción de investigaciones

The teams listed below – some national, some international – are presently involved in various areas of research:

1. International Projects

  • Teacher educators’ professional development needs (Erasmus+ project)
  • Evaluative research of the Pro-teach stakeholders’ partnership model of beginning teachers’ induction (Erasmus+ project)

2. National Projects

  • Evaluative research of alternative teacher education programs
  • Evaluative research of programs for teaching as a second career
  • Evaluative research of M.Ed. programs
  • The effect of participation in assessment programs on teachers’ and principals’ attitudes toward assessment in schools
  • Non-cognitive predictors of teacher quality
  • The relationship among initial teacher education, teacher induction, and teachers’ professional development programs
  • Teacher education institutions’ dilemmas concerning academic freedom vs. commitment to national policies
  • Expert pre-school teachers
  • Teacher mobility
  • The experiences of beginning Arab teachers within Hebrew-medium schools: Lessons for teacher education
  • An Evaluative research of Class – Academy (PDS) novice teacher education and teachers’ professional development initiative
  • An Evaluative research of initiatives to improve Arabic-language teacher education programs