R&D Centers for Supporting Ministry of Education Initiatives

MOFET’s varied knowledge centers all combine professional development, research and academic study aimed to support systemic initiatives planned by the Ministry of Education.
From High-Tech to Teaching
Head: Nachum Hofri
To accompany the process of recruiting, training and supporting former High-Tech personnel for a second career in teaching
Head: Gil Chadash
To strengthen the partnership between the Academia and the Education System
Etgarim (‘Challenges’)
To promote teacher education in the Arab society in four particularly significant areas: academic literacy; teaching the Arabic language; practical training; society and culture.
Taspa (‘Hope’ in Amharic)
Head: Dr. Hagit Mishkin
To support students and teachers of Ethiopian origin.
Simulation Centers
Head: Tali Hagshoury
To advance instructors’ interpersonal-relations skills by simulating teaching situations – a technique which reinforces skills that encourage and promote communication of trust and respect.
Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)
Head: Dr. Tali Shapira
To develop standards and models for running a PLC in collaboration with academicians, policy makers and teachers; Conducting research on PLCs; Promoting collaborations amongst different PLCs; and more.
Mesila (‘Track’)
Head: Doron Niv
To operate the process of non-cognitive selection tests for student-teacher candidates