Teaching Shoa through the Narrative of Lviv

This online course seeks to expose teachers to the challenges involved in teaching the Shoa in the 21st century. As we observe and analyze the historical narrative of Lviv by means of testimonies, visual media, and educational dilemmas, we add to our enrich our pedagogical knowledge with teaching methods and educational strategies adapted and tailored to teaching the subject of the Shoa in the 21st century.
Teaching the Shoa with an educational-moral, ethical orientation in our era should deal with crucial questions such as the nature of human beings as well as of the state, the regime, culture, and education. These dilemmas will lead to questions of identities – personal as well as collective – that are relevant to the young people of the world today. We live at an historical junction: on one side of it, we embrace the survivors, while on the other, we prepare for the future by seeking new methods that will enable us to deal with the memory of the Shoa in the 21st century. The way to tackle this reality is by studying and researching the enormous reservoir of testimonies, documents, and objects that enable us to revive the narrative of the Shoa.
  • To assist in researching and teaching the history of Lviv’s Jews during the Shoa;
  • To expose the learner to the ways and means of teaching the memory of the Shoa in the 21st century;
  • To debate and discuss core questions relevant to our life and identity today.
The course is intended for teachers and teacher educators interested in teaching the Shoa in their lessons.
– English fluency
Dr. Tova Perlmutter
​Dr. Perlmutter holds a PhD from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. She is the Head of Holocaust studies, Academic Coordinator of History teaching in 44 schools in the former USSR. Since 2000 she is in charge of “Masa Shorashim” – Roots seeking Voyage to Jewish culture and history of these schools.

The opening of a course is dependent on the number of participants.
If a course is not given in a particular semester, registrants may:​
  • Choose an alternate course from the ones that are offered
  • Postpone studies to the following semester
  • Receive a full tuition refund.​

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