Remuneration for courses offered by The MOFET Institute's Online Academy

The online programs and courses offered by The MOFET Institute are eligible for remuneration (‘Gmul Hishtalmut’) by the Department of Professional Development for Teaching Personnel in the non-budgeted track[1].
The courses in the “Oz Le’tmura” and “Ofek Hadash” tracks appear on the Ministry of Education website. It is not necessary to submit any forms other than for the purpose of registering for The MOFET Institute. The Institute will transfer the lists of eligible candidates to the Ministry.
In order to be remunerated in all tracks, learners are required to submit the certificates and/or lists of grades obtained to the Professional Development Unit in the region to which he/she belongs.
Eligibility will be determined according to the following table:

Studies that are not in the framework of a sabbatical year

​Studies in the framework of a sabbatical year​​

Our “online academy” courses are approved for sabbatical.
Tuition fees, in this case, are set according to the foundation’s regulations.
N.B.Courses that are recognized for studies leading to a Master’s degree will not be recognized for professional advancement and vice versa. Double eligibility for professional advancement is not permitted in these courses.
All of the above is subject to changes in the Ministry of Education’s policy​.
[1] In the non-budgeted track, the participants pay the requisite tuition fees.​​