Educational Use and Integration of Technology in Education​​

About the program

“Educational Use and Integration of Technology in Education” is an online program of study that emphasizes the didactics of teaching using information and communication technologies. It examines the various ways in which the internet influences a​spects of both teaching and learning. It seeks to widen teachers’ understanding of the digital environment and its effect on education. The program focuses both on theoretical and on practical aspects of the use of internet-based tools in the classroom.
Program Objectives:
There are many “faces” to the internet. In addition to being an unlimited source of information, it also presents the user with numerous frameworks for communication and reflection. This program exposes educators to each of these “faces” and examines the educational roles they can play, both for teachers and for pupils. The information environment that the internet has created, characterized by almost instant access to vast stores of information, is strikingly different from that of the age of print. In this new environment the availability of vast resources of unfiltered information necessitates the development of critical learning and information skills. This program seeks to examine what these skills are and how they can best be acquired.
Study Program:
As with all programs in the Online Academy, this program includes both required and elective courses.
Six required courses attempt to give an overview of the major questions that face education as a result of the growth of “digital culture”, and also to expose the participant to the major uses of the internet in both teaching and learning.
In addition to these required courses, six elective courses present the participant with opportunities to acquire skills in teaching with some of the tools that are used extensively today, and to gain an understanding into the central issues that the integration of ICT into the learning process raises for the educational community.
Upon successful completion of eight courses – six required courses plus two electives, for a total of eight credit points, the student will be entitled to receive a specialization certificate in “Educational Use and Integration of Technology in Education​” from The MOFET Institute’s Online Academy.

Hurvitz Jay

Jay Hurvitz holds an M.A. in Computers and Communications in Education from the School of Education of Tel Aviv University.
From the mid-1990’s he has taken part in many of Israel’s first internet-based learning projects, including developing some of the first courses for the Aviv Virtual School. Throughout the decade of 1999 – 2009 he served in the Department of Elementary Education of the Ministry of Education as the “resident expert” on learning with the internet.
Today he works as a didactic advisor for the development of online courses at the Institute for Online Learning at the Achva Education College, and trains teacher educators in the Information and Communications Technologies Professional Specialization two-year program at The MOFET Institute.
He blogs extensively on issues dealing with internet in the learning process on his Hebrew blog.