International Conferences and Study Days

As part of the activities in the MOFET Institute, there are regularly held study days  and conferences – both national and international, onsite and online – during the academic year, dealing with selected issues on the agenda of teacher education and general educational issues.

These days are directed towards faculty in teacher education colleges and universities, for functionaries in the education system and the general public and are initiated by the MOFET Institute and by institutions within the field of education and higher education.

The study days and conferences are a platform to spread practical and theoretical knowledge as well as to implement professional development for faculty in teacher education colleges.

For these study days and conferences, emphasis is placed on topics in the fields of teacher education, teaching, subject matter and research.

Upcoming Events

Blurring the Lines: Academic, Professional, and Popular Writing

Fourth International IFAW (Israel Forum for Academic Writing) Conference on Academic Writing
July 6-7, 2020